NPL 2017 Tryouts

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The Brentwood NPL is a club based elite program that competes in the NYCSL National Premier League as one of the original members.  Our mission is to deliver an inspiring soccer learning experience that nurtures a culture of skilled, confident, disciplined and intelligent soccer players in a professional manner at the most affordable cost.  Our NPL is ideal for players who aspire to compete at the highest levels locally, in High School and College.  The tryout process is designed to select players capable of playing at the NPL level and it is then used to assess each player against core criteria and place each player where they will best be able to maximize their development, confidence, and enjoyment of the game.

It is critical that each player is put in the right place, regardless of friendship groups or other factors, to ensure a positive experience that allows each player to gain confidence, skill and intelligence so that they can effectively develop their potential as a player.  As a Club, we are working toward a process where players are placed in their birth years based on ability, commitment and dedication in a professional environment.   Players who are not selected for the NPL teams may be placed on other existing of their age groups.

The Club asks that everyone to please keep an open mind to this process as players will be assessed in multiple phases to ensure the quality of the new teams as well as maintaining the quality of all our teams to represent the club at the NPL level. The new teams that are being formed are 2006, 2005 and 2004 age groups. Final selection will be available (3) days after the last tryout date.  All selected players will have 48 hours to respond via email to the DOC and must register online 48 hours after their acceptance.  A player that declines acceptance to the NPL will lose a roster spot in the club at its discretion.  Brentwood NPL teams are formed by birth year and should have no more than (2) younger players providing such players have proven to being regular starters.

NEW NPL Teams Tryout dates (All current 2004, 2005 and 2006 must participate to secure a roster spot on any team  in the club in the Fall):  Contact Randy Jean-Baptiste, NPL Boys DOC,

2006:  5/30/17, 6/1/17, 6/6/17 and 6/8/17 @ 5:30pm

2005:  5/30/17, 6/1/17, 6/6/17 and 6/8/17 @ 7pm

2004:  5/31/17, 6/2/17, 6/7/17 and 6/9/17 @ 7pm

For existing Boys NPL Teams tryouts, please contact the following:

2003  Bart Nason                 

2002  Oscar Carrillo         

2001  Randy Jean-Baptiste

2000  Edwin Martinez        

Interested in trying out, sign up here: