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FC Roma Opens the first Soccer Academy in Long Island, NY

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BRENTWOOD (Long Island). On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, the wind was caressing inclement weather and the temperature 35 degrees, but the weather did not deter hundreds of kids called to play for the first time under a dual flag: that of their club, Brentwood Soccer Club, and Rome. Symbolically, at dusk, it has also raised the banner of red and yellow as they began to arrive the first boys and girls from Under 8 to Under 11.
They were expected from their usual coaching staff, but also by the four new faces, those of Ciccio Graziani, Fabio Bonini, Bozzini Claudio and Fabio Genoese.
It was formally born the first Roma Soccer Club of the United States.
It has also been a significant moment for the Giallorossi since it marked the birth of the first American partnership, which will be followed by seven, including Boston (town where is the majority shareholder of the company, James Pallotta), Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles and Orlando, where the senior team of Rome is found during the Christmas break. “We want to find new Bradley – says Graziani – the agreement is to be a group of our coaches regularly to work on Long Island, to identify the most interesting and monitor them through local coaches, who in turn follow our methods . If any of the young people will be considered interesting, will be invited to Rome to train and, ultimately, to play with our youth. ”
But why you chose this particular company? Mario Celso answers, right arm Graziani in the projects on the East Coast, the city of Long Island which he knows by heart the reality of football: “The Brentwood Soccer Club has fields, which is not common on Long Island, among other things, enlightened; has a serious activity and continuous and Graziani had already been impressed by some of their guys. Moreover, in Brentwood during the winter we train three times a week, one of which is indoor. has played a role in that this is one of the least well-off of Long Island, with a presence of 85% of Hispanic players, and many of these kids could not afford companies with a higher level of structure. ”
Antony Roros, technical director and coach of the Long Island company, recalls that “in 2011 I brought a selection of the guys at Viareggio, after it was determined that contact with Mario Celso and, by Mario, with Ciccio Graziani. I was asked if I wanted to include my company under the umbrella of Rome and thought it was a great opportunity. Not just for kids, but for us, too technical, and I personally can not wait to go to Trigoria to spend a week with all the Technical and see how the guys train. For us in the Brentwood Soccer Club is prestigious to have behind Rome, is a great motivation for those who play and for families. ”
It should be noted that the Brentwood Soccer Club will pay a commission to Rome, but the company Long Island has already expressed an interest in extending the relationship beyond June, for three years, and in this way all his players would wear the uniforms Giallorossi.
Last Tuesday on one side of the field, Bonini showed some exercises control of the ball while dribbling the orange cones. Citizen of San Marino, the former Juventus midfielder eighties does not seem particularly convinced that today the priority of Italian companies is to focus on young people. “I’d be happy to come to work and live in the United States, is a large city in a situation like this.’s The fourth time I’ve been this year, I am impressed by the American youth soccer, there are great potential. Besides live here would a great experience for my family. ”
Graziani explains that “kids of all ages have fun when they play, but until the age of thirteen are instructed to play multiple roles and the tactical aspect is less relevant.”
But who is today in the world of youth football, cutting-edge technology in education? “Barcelona – replied without hesitation – they have a lot of ingenuity in training and in the creation of the exercises are good at teaching the possession and work with groups”, which is ultimately the trademark and style of playing the Barça .
Graziani also explains that in 2015 to participate in the Viareggio Tournament will be one of the objectives of the partnership.
But how does the mechanism of compensation in case of a boy of the company’s Long Island end up in the ranks of the Giallorossi youth? “There are compensation parameters Fifa, we refer to those, not hoi idea of ​​what it means in terms of money,” replied Roros. Of course, his company has about 700 kids spanning categories from Under 10 to Under 17, but ideally, explains the technical greek, a society like Rome is particularly interested in boys of 13-14 years. ”
In the first of three days of training, technicians Brentwwod Soccer Club have only seen the work of the four Italian colleagues. On Fridays they have instead led training under the watchful eyes of more experienced colleagues.
The synthesis of the four-day workshop we leave it to Mario Celso: “The most interesting aspect I think is what concerns the athletic boys of Long Island. Genovesi told us that the younger kids are in need of a serious athletic program because I’m back with the coordination and do not perform perfectly even simple exercises to jump. With the data it has collected has left us a program that also includes monthly tests, because he explained that the players need to strengthen the basic physical and athletic. Tactically Graziani gave a lecture on the defense in-line four, the favorite here on Long Island, which is actually difficult if the kids do not have the knowledge tactical and technical bases. Bonini has focused on the technical with the ball, Graziani focused Also on the defensive modules, and explained that depend on the speed of the wings and the ability of midfielders, so we need to see their gifts before deployment decider. A problem because we know when we go to Italy with our teams see that our boys are back with tactical adjustments. ”
The same Graziani adds: “The one where we try to help the company in Brentwood is the methodology. We have seen that there are no figures of the coach and goalkeeper trainer. Should also instruct them on tactics in preparation departments, differentiated by the defense, midfield and attack. was still a very productive week, come back twice, in the first days of April and again June 1 to assess progress. 2:00 to 3:00 We are the boys of ’98 that are intended to try to Rome, but the were some real surprises between eight and ten years that we have surprised technique and imagination. We also found that the American players are much more brave because of our deep culture of women’s football.’m really brought to the football. ”
Incidentally, the FIGC is trying to convince the Italian Serie A society to make them mandatory the creation of a women’s training, so it seems only formal involvement of a company such as Rome area (which already has a women’s team in the top) to the players. And with regard to the preparation of the goalkeeper, the presence of Bozzini has been met with such favor that some parents have asked him to extend his stay and convinced him to stay – at their expense – for another two weeks.

Brentwood FC Becomes First Roma Academy In America

National Premier League

National Premier League

National Premier League

Brentwood Academy

The Brentwood Club has been an approved member of a premier league with the National Premier League Status.

The club will field teams in BU12, BU13, BU14, BU15, BU16 and BU18. The club will run those teams as Academy teams to give our better players a path to success without leaving the club by providing professional training for player development both on and off the field. To be a player on an Academy teams not only means you represent the best of Brentwood on Long Island, but Regionally and Nationally as well. Brentwood Soccer Club now has the tools to bring our players through all stages of development from Pee-Wee soccer through to the most elite levels of Club Soccer.